My Heathway Mural

How do you capture and feedback on all the ideas, concerns and aspirations that you’ve recorded from conversations with over three hundred people without just making one big boring list?

The answer was to turn all those insights into a beautiful mural for the Heathway! Susanna Wallis, a talented local artist, took up the challenge and produced a fantastic artwork for the project!

“I hope that my work captures just how lively the community is here,” she said. “I’ve attempted to bring to life some of the themes emerging from the community conversation.”

The mural now stands testament to everybody who took the time to stop and chat with us, helping us understand life on the Heathway and their aspirations for its future.

If you would like to come and have a look, feel free to pop into the shop (no.30 Heathway Shopping Centre) on a Thursday between 10:00am and 4:00pm to let us know what you think and discuss YOUR ideas for the Heathway.

Click here to see Susanna working on the Mural

Urban Symbiotics – 15th February 2022

For more of Susanna's work!